About us

Juniper Investment Managers is an independent investment partnership established in London in 2019 by Andrew Salton, to invest his own capital alongside investment partners.
We apply a time tested value approach to investing with a long term horizon, in good businesses at attractive prices. We have a broad remit but a narrow focus and concentrate our investments on a number of diverse and well researched opportunities. We seek to reduce risk and deliver positive absolute returns for our partners over time.
Our partners invest alongside our principal on terms that fully align their interests to maximise long term returns and not the growth of assets under management.

Andrew Salton, MA (Hons), LLB, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

With over 20 years experience Andrew has been investing real money international portfolios since 1996. His experience and outlook have been shaped by a succession of market cycles; Asian financial crisis 1997, LTCM crisis 1998, new era of the dotcom bubble and bust 2000, Hong Kong SARS crisis 2003, new era of the great moderation to 2007, global financial crisis of 2008, and the new era of ‘QE’ and the age of disruption.

He has a long consistent track record of managing money according to value principles producing double digit returns. Prior to founding Juniper in 2019, Andrew was Chief Investment Officer at the Dah Sing Financial Group in Hong Kong, from 2005-2018, delivering performance targets on proprietary capital within a comprehensive risk management framework. Previously he managed emerging market equity funds for Standard Life Investments and Old Mutual Asset Managers in Hong Kong and London. He began his career in investment banking in London in 1994 after graduating first class from Cambridge University.